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Hello, and welcome. I’m Tricia D. Walker, the author of Greenhood, a nature memoir about discovering the delight in being dormant. 

Here on my website, you will find resources to help you deepen your connection with nature.



Greenhood is a nature memoir about discovering the delight in being dormant. 

It is the story of a tree-change, of living in a tiny home, and of focussing on living life, rather than earning a living. 

This book is your permission slip to slow down and double-check you are on the right path.


“I hope Greenhood inspires you to create a clearing in your life—a dormant moment to imbibe in your essence—to rest, reflect, and revise, so that you can emerge renewed and with clarity, knowing exactly what it is you wish to cultivate.”    Tricia D. Walker

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A regular reminder to retreat and reflect. The time we lay dormant is just as important as when we bloom. Nature knows that—you don’t see her trying to bloom all-year-round.

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Inside Time Outside nature connection retreats

Quarterly one-day seasonal retreats for women. Enjoy barefoot bushwalking, nature meditation, safe solitude, and time in circle with other women. Hunter Valley NSW.