Inside Time Outside - seasonal nature connection retreats for women

One-day retreats in the Hunter Valley (NSW) focused on inner health and wellbeing through nature connection.

Deepen your connection to the natural world and learn how to incorporate nature connection techniques into your every day.

Enjoy barefoot bushwalking, nature meditation, safe solitude, time in circle with other women, and learn how to better align your life with the cycles and seasons of life and nature.

Research has shown that time in nature has the power to make us happier, calmer, healthier, more creative, more empathetic and more likely to engage with the world and with each other.

Tricia has been hosting quarterly Inside Time Outside retreats since 2019.

Upcoming retreat dates:

Early Spring (10 am – 4 pm)
Sunday 28th Aug 2022
Sunday 4th Sept 2022
Early summer (10am – 4pm)
Sunday 6th November 2022
Sunday 13th November 2022
Overnight Full Moon retreat 10-11 December 2022


Various dates, Hunter Valley NSW

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ― John Muir.